Keeping It Creative in May

While we are all at home, bonding in innovative ways can seem like an uphill battle. It doesn’t have to be! Looking to different sources for activities is always a good way to shake things up. Sometimes looking at the fun and weird holidays that exist can be a source of entertainment and good ideas. The month of May is full of these unique, family-friendly themed holidays that inspire activities and creativity.  Here are our favorites!

  • May 10 – Clean up Your Room Day: Spring cleaning is here, and in the month of May there is a whole day dedicated to it. Getting our rooms tidy does not have to be tedious or boring. Find ways to make it fun! Turn on your favorite tunes and jam out while picking up toys! Make it a race to see who can make their bed first! Adjust the goals for your child’s age, and get them moving while instilling good habits.
  • May 19 – World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day: Gardening and planting is a good way to be outside at home. Whether you have a big backyard or a small windowsill, there are lots of herbs and vegetables that are easy to plant, and can teach children about where their food comes from, as well as nutrition. It can also boost and harvest their own food. If you have space for a small vegetable garden in the back, see what grows well in your area. If you have less room, try a windowsill garden, or an egg-crate garden, which are biodegradable, and can be made with the same egg cartons you buy at the grocery store. Follow up your outdoor adventure later in the month on May 30 with Water a Flower Day.
  • May 22 – Buy A Musical Instrument Day: We love music at Stretch-n-Grow, but we can’t always go out and buy a new instrument. Our solution? Build a musical instrument day! Use objects around the house to create fun instruments to play instead. Practice your rhythm with a pots and pans drum set. Create fun jams with rain sticks made from old paper towel rolls, rice, and construction paper. Take some rubber bands and a tissue box and you’ve got a guitar. Clap your hands and sing along to your favorite songs.

There are other fun days coming up this month. See what creativity some of these fun holidays inspire, and let us know on social media!

by Bethany Verrett

by Bethany Verrett

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    “We filed a motion in federal court this morning, arguing that the U.S. rule violated WTO law in two ways,” said the suit’s lead attorney, Michael Stolarz. “First, the rule is not limited to food and does not apply to any industry of a particular size, such as a tuna industry in the international tuna trade.”

    The lawsuit contends, among other things, that the rule is unconstitutional because the trade rule seeks to regulate, not merely ban, “businesses which do not comply with these requirements to ensure that their practices comply with relevant WTO obligations and regulations.”

    The suit seeks to block a new rule that would apply the rule more strictly by limiting it to seafood processing, or any industry “which does not meet all or a substantial number” of its reporting requirements, the suit says.

    “A lot of small fish processing companies sell directly to retailers, restaurants and grocery stores,” Stolarz said. “Most consumers want to eat fish, but they’re not going to do it in the seafood processing industry.”

    That’s because fish processors buy their fish directly from the ocean for sale to retailers, Stolarz said, rather than for the processing on deck of ships. “The bottom line is it’s not a simple matter to keep large companies operating in the seafood processing industry, but there are more that do,” he said. “This is a case of fishing companies being unable to maintain that the fishing industry they represent is operating within the accepted industry standards.”

    The suit, filed in Washington County, was the latest in a long line of cases aimed at stopping U.S. fish processing rules.

    Stolarz said one of the first successful cases was a 2006 suit brought by the Pacific Northwest National Congress of Fishermen. Then-president Dan Sullivan and then-CEO Ron Roper had signed a treaty in 2002 barring the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from taking actions to regulate the U.S. “in the areas of fisheries management, trade, importation and foreign fishing practices.” The plaintiffs in that case lost in federal court in 2006, and Stolarz said he suspects there are likely many more.

    In other fish-processing cases, Stolarz said there are a handful, including a case brought by Northwest Atlantic Salmon Company and a lawsuit brought by the Northwest Fisheries Alliance, an industry group founded in 2006 an

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    Woldemaro wins the russian title after a hugely decisive win over fellow Romanian Pauline Zilberman,

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    But Ms Green said those in the “hard left” who wanted the new school to move could have a say in the next board meeting and the way it was run.

    “Some of these people who have been vocal about wanting the new school shut down are not interested in the council being a neutral body. They want the council to be a facilitator of this change to a school which had this issue,” she said.

    However, Mr Lacey said the local council had supported the decision.

    “It’s been my experience that in areas where there is widespread discontent, like the east coast or around the capital, the council will stand up to the demands and say no, we don’t want to do this.

    “It has happened in a number of areas in Sydney. There was a strong interest in the school going into the south so there’s an element of politics here.”

    Local Government Minister Katy Gallagher said there were few votes in favour and that she wanted to hear the local community’s views.

    Ms Green said she hoped local school students would feel “empowered” when they visited the boardroom to hear the school’s rationale and arguments.

    She said the board’s decision was still the end of the day for the school and Mr Tilden had no further comment.

    “We’ve done everything within the letter and spirit of the law to try and deal with this and get it down to an orderly process because we know it’s been a major issue for the community over the last 24 hours,” Ms Green said.

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    The B-17-50 Airship is one of only three aircraft of its type to be completed and is a testament to the creative and imaginative people who designed and built it. Photo courtesy of Boeing/Sotheby’s International.

    The other two aircraft are B-24 Liberator and B-17 Liberator. The Liberator is named for George Washington and was used during WWII as a bomber by the British army.

    B-17-50 on landing. The third aircraft is named for the last fighter pilot to survive. Photo courtesy of Boeing/Sotheby’s International.

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    The B-17-50’s engine is the C-47/T and operates at 4,000 feet above sea level. Photo courtesy of Boeing/Sotheby’s International.

    The second plane that flew into service was B-47/T and was the first of a line of twin turbojets called the two-seater twin engines. These two engines were used on the B-51 bomber. Photo courtesy of Boeing/Sotheby’s International.

    The third plane to fly was B-17/B, also named after Abraham Lincoln’s plane in his campaign to defend the Union of American Colonies from British invaders. The American aircraft is known as the B-17G.

    B-17 is a U.S. Air Force fighter used in the Cold War and during the Korean War. It flew on an assortment of mission missions, including bombing raids and escorts for military transport aircraft. For more information on the B-17, please visit

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